17 days until Summer!

Jun 4, 2013

Spring is coming to a close. With a little over two weeks left until the Summer season is upon us, now is the time to give some thought to your home’s cooling system. Has your Air Conditioner been serviced recently? Taking some time now to make sure that your Air Conditioner is running properly, may save you from a large repair bill (not to mention being uncomfortably warm until it’s fixed) later on this Summer. Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning has trained service technicians that can service your Air Conditioner and should they find an issue that needs repair, do so quickly. Was your Air Conditioner able to keep your house cool last Summer? Is it time for a replacement system? Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning can help with that, too. We offer free in-home estimates for system replacements. In most cases, system replacement only takes about two days. Don’t let the Summer heat spoil your Summer fun! Call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning (509)987-1500