4 Warning Signs That You Need Furnace Repair

Nov 10, 2022

Warning Signs that you Need to Repair Your Furnace

There is nothing better than walking into a warm house after being outside in the cold or the counterpart of stepping into a cool home to break the summer heat. Our furnace can feel like the lifeblood of our homes for many of us, keeping us comfortable all year long, no matter what is going on outside. Unfortunately, furnaces never break at a convenient time. Therefore, you must be aware of critical warning signs that you need furnace repair before it entirely breaks. Today, we are sharing with you four easy-to-identify warning signs that you need to get your furnace repaired. 

4 Warning Signs That You Need Furnace Repairhvac furnace repair

It is Assaulting Your Senses

The first and easiest way to know that something is going wrong with a furnace is when it starts to assault your senses. If you hear screeching, popping, squeaking, creaking, and other concerning noises, your HVAC unit is discombobulated in some form. Most commonly, this indicates there is something loose within the machine, or the belt is failing. Both can be highly dangerous and damage your unit and home if left unattended. Therefore, we suggest turning off the unit right away and calling in a professional for furnace repair.  

Another unpleasant sensory sign is funky smells. If your furnace is blasting something nasty throughout the home, there is a good chance you have a problem. For example:

  • Musty smells = mold
  • Rotten eggs / sewer = failed heat exchanger
  • Dust = dust is being burned off
  • Burnt plastic = wires or components are burning 

The burnt dust smell is a natural part of using a furnace after a summer; it is just the dust burning off after collecting over the warm season. However, the other three smells on the list are pretty serious. We highly recommend shutting your HVAC unit off immediately and calling a technician for furnace repair if you smell these things

Your Energy Bill is Heading for New Heightsfurnace repair near me

This is a little trickier warning sign because you must be aware of other conditions in your home, and how they change throughout the seasons. There can be a large variety of reasons as to why your energy bills are on the rise. A few examples could be:

  • Rising costs of energy outside of your control
  • The environment is experiencing extreme cold/heat
  • New or young occupants in the house with poor energy habits
  • You’ve installed a swimming pool
  • Your home insulation needs replacement 
  • Humid air is creeping in through unsealed cracks and crevices
  • You’ve moved a refrigerator to the hot garage
  • Your hot water heater is leaking

The list of high energy consumption reasons goes on and on! For the most part, these problems can be quickly fixed, or prevention methods can be taught to the members of your home. 

As for direct furnace energy problems, there are even a few human errors that can easily cause a bill to rise but can also be quickly fixed by the homeowner. For example:

  • The thermostat is set too low
  • The “fan” setting is on when it shouldn’t be
  • Air vents are being blocked by rugs or furniture

However, if you can eliminate all of these reasons, it may be because your HVAC unit is starting to fail. An energy bill can quickly escalate for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we highly recommend having your HVAC unit inspected and completing any necessary furnace repairs. You will be amazed at how much your energy bill will drop when problems are addressed. 

Your Maintenance Schedule Demands It

Another easy warning sign that your HVAC unit is due for furnace repairs is that your maintenance schedule says so. There is a reason why manufacturers provide home and business owners with a user manual that details an in-depth maintenance schedule. HVAC units are complex systems; when they are not adequately cared for, they can fail in the most epic of manners.

Rather than reaching the point where furnace repairs cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, you can take preventive steps to have your HVAC unit cleaned and serviced in advance. During your service appointment, the inspection will highlight any areas of concern and what you can do about it. The technician will also teach you what steps you can take as a homeowner for maintenance, such as changing the air filter. 

It Isn’t Working at All

The last and most obvious warning sign that you require furnace repair is that it stops working altogether. Of course, you want to eliminate the possibility of a power outage, flipped breaker, or dead thermostat battery before calling in the pros. However, if your HVAC unit is dead beyond those, it is time to call the professionals to diagnose and treat the problem. 

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