7 Common HVAC Problems During the Winter

Dec 14, 2020

The blustery cold winds, heavy rains, and ice and snow during winter can all pose HVAC Problems to keeping your living spaces warm and comfortable. It is not uncommon for HVAC problems to emerge in winter due entirely to the cold weather.

The winter months can put a strain on your HVAC unit, and while some problems are difficult to identify, many others have clear signs and symptoms. You should be aware of these potential mechanical HVAC problems during the winter months:

  •  Pipes and Coils Freeze

When cold weather strikes, it can freeze the water inside your pipes and coils. The result is your heating system not working properly, leaving your house cold and uncomfortable. What’s more, the frozen water could enlarge, causing the pipe or coil to burst.  You want to avoid these costly HVAC repairs. If you think that frozen water is causing your heating system to not work correctly, call the HVAC maintenance experts at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning. In the meantime, turn off your water source until a field technician arrives at your house. 

  •  Uneven Air Flow & Temperature

The last thing you want to live with during winter is some living spaces being colder than others in your house.  This is not an uncommon occurrence and it can be frustrating. In order to eliminate other non-HVAC sources of this uneven heat, check for cracks or holes around windowsills and doorways. Then, if it is still happening, you should inspect the vents and ducts for blockages or debris and clear those areas out. 

  •  Malfunctioning Heat Pump

Heavy snowfalls and icy winds can damage exterior heat pumps, causing them to perform poorly. Among the issues that can arise with these heat pumps are broken fan motors and coil blockage.    Another problem emerges when heat pumps do not defrost. Your heat pump will not work properly if the coils and fan have not been cleared of frost. Prevent this from happening by making sure you set your heating system to automatic defrost settings so snow and ice melt before thick layers form. 

  •  Air Filters Get Dirty

A clean air filter is required if you heat your home with a forced-air furnace or heat pump. The air filter is a critical cog in the heating system as it prevents dust from getting inside the heating unit, and that keeps it operating efficiently. But when the air filter is clogged, air cannot flow freely. This produces a domino effect of your heating system working harder and that leads to it overheating and then shutting down prematurely. 

  •  Broken Thermostat

There are occasions when the problem with your heating unit is not the hardware of the appliance but is the electronics of the thermostat. If the thermostat is not operating correctly, the heating system won’t work either. Options for this fix include cleaning and calibrating the thermostat. If you plan to replace the thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. 

  •  Pilot Light Won’t Ignite

Heating systems that run on gas or propane call for a pilot light to ignite properly. There are older systems that have a pilot light running constantly, while others turn the pilot on when  the system starts. Consider that the flame sensor might be dirty or damaged if the pilot light does not turn on. An expert field technician from Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning can clean and replace the flame sensor for you. 

  •  Carbon Monoxide Leaks

While being focused on keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter months, you could overlook the dangers of carbon monoxide.  This poisonous gas is practically impossible to notice because it is colorless and tasteless. Typically, carbon monoxide leaks happen because of cracked or rusted heaters. Leaks like this occur specifically as a result of a cracked heat exchanger within the heating unit. You should inspect the heat exchanger for any defects. What’s more, lack of ventilation can prevent carbon monoxide gases from exiting your home. You should also inspect the chimney and top-range vent (above the stove) for blockage. 

Stay ahead of these HVAC Problems by Looking to Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for Expert Service

Look to the HVAC experts at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning to ensure your energy system is in excellent condition for the winter season.  We are committed to delivering premium quality HVAC service, maintenance, products, and documentation in Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and beyond!    Learn more by contacting Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning! Call us at (509) 396-COLD (2653).        

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