Benefits of a Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel HVAC System

Jun 2, 2020

Benefits of a Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel HVAC System

Anyone who is interested in searching for a cost-effective alternative for heating sources is likely going to be drawn to a hybrid heating system. This is a dual fuel system that allows you to choose between installing a heat pump or a gas furnace.  Its heat pump is electric-powered and the furnace uses propane or natural gas to operate. 

A hybrid heat system, also called a dual-fuel system, is comprised of an air-source heat pump that is backed up by an auxiliary combustion furnace. 

If comfort and savings are important to you, then you will want to seriously consider the merits of purchasing a hybrid heat HVAC system. 

How a Hybrid Heat HVAC Systems Works

The electric heat pump is responsible for providing heat when outdoor temperatures are between approximately 40 degrees and 60 degrees. Within this temperature range is where the heat pump operates at optimal efficiency. When the temperatures drop below 40 degrees and the heat pump starts to become less efficient, the system relies on the high-efficiency gas or oil furnace for heat. 

A heat pump, when it is within the optimal temperature range, can generate heat at an efficiency of as much as 300 percent. Put another way, you pay for $1 in electricity and receive $3 worth of heating performance. 

Cost Savings for Hybrid Heat HVAC System

Similar to hybrid cars, hybrid heating systems do cost more than a conventional HVAC system. However, they offer long-term savings by significantly reducing your monthly energy expenditures. A hybrid heating system is estimated to save the average homeowner anywhere between 30 percent to 50 percent in energy costs in a year’s time. Most hybrid systems will pay for themselves in three to five years. 

Primary Advantages of Hybrid Heat HVAC System

Enhanced Heating Efficiency

Hybrid is more efficient than traditional HVAC models as the hybrid heat HVAC system takes the outside air, absorbs it through the heater, and uses it to create thermal energy to warm your home.  

Improved Savings 

While the installation of a hybrid heating system is more costly compared to a boiler or furnace unit, it can save you money in the long term as it uses less power than other units. When you have a hybrid system, you are likely to pay only one-third of the cost you spend on your monthly bills using other heating equipment. Additional savings is realized by having both heating and cooling capabilities in a single unit. 

Greater Comfort All-Year Round

Hybrid systems offer the dual benefit of being helpful during the winter while also being used as the standard central A/C unit to cool down your home in the summer. When hot weather arrives, you simply reverse the heat pump’s operation to enable the cool air to circulate throughout your home. This system offers you the advantage of affordable heating and cooling inside your home year-round. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Operating a traditional HVAC system in your home can come at a steep price – damage to the environment with increased greenhouse gas emissions.  If your heating system consumes a substantial amount of natural resources in order to make your home comfortable, the environmental cost can be considerable. With a hybrid heat HVAC system, there is much less of a carbon footprint. 


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