Can 100 Degree Heat Damage your Air Conditioner?

Jul 22, 2021

A Lot of Things Can Happen When Your Air Conditioner is Running in 100 Degree Heat

Let’s face it. In the Tri-Cities, we are used to blistering hot summers. It is not unusual for temperatures to hover around 100 or even slightly surpass that during the June through September period.

Our main safeguard from feeling the stinging effects of this oppressive heat is our air conditioners. We rely on our AC systems to keep us cool and comfortable during this hot season. But how do we ensure that are air conditioners will not give out on us when the temperatures rise to triple digits? What is the best way to use our AC units when it’s that 
hot so they keep on operating efficiently?


Air Conditioner Recommendations for Excessive Summer Heat

There are numerous factors involved when it comes to the capacity of an HVAC unit, and they include square-footage of your home, and the number of windows. A unit with a 1.5-ton cooling capacity cannot effectively cool a 1,200 square-foot home in the heat of the Tri-Cities as it could for homes located in cooler climates.

HVAC technicians suggest setting your thermostat approximately 20 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature. For many of us, 70 degrees is the ideal indoor temperature, but when it is close to 100 degrees outside, your AC unit will be working quite hard to meet these expectations. Consider setting your thermostat at 75 degrees to 80 degrees in your home if the outside temperature is approaching triple digits.

If you set your thermostat to much lower than the upper 70s, you could hinder the operation of your air conditioner and increase your energy costs. You can also try running fans to maintain cool temperatures inside.


Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler & Put Less Stress on your AC Unit

There are actions you can take to enhance the effectiveness of your air conditioner when the outside air temperature hovers around 100 degrees.

These recommendations are related to lessening the heat in your home. They include:

• Close off unused rooms – close doors and vents – and do not cool rooms that are unoccupied.

• Cook outdoors.

• Don’t use the dry cycle of your dishwasher. Instead, just leave the door open and let them air dry.

• Adjust the thermostat up a few degrees and settle for 76 degrees or 78 degrees inside your home.

• Shade your windows on the sunny side of your house.

• Don’t run the clothes dryer during the warmest time of the day.


Taking any or some of these actions will keep your home cooler and relieve your AC unit from running as long for each cooling cycle.


Maintenance Your AC Unit

You would be wise to request maintenance for your HVAC unit on a regular basis – at least two or three times per year. It is ideal to have your air conditioner unit checked prior to peak demand in the summer. This will ensure it is operating optimally so you have a better chance of staying cool and comfortable and keeping your energy bills under control.

You could even have your AC unit checked again later in the summer after heavy use if the summer has been unseasonably hot.

It’s always a good idea to change your AC unit’s filters to allow more cool air to flow unobstructed. Even if your filters are slightly dirty, maximize the operation of your air conditioner this summer by swapping them with new filters.


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