Carrier Cool Cash Rebate: Frequently Asked Questions

Sep 6, 2023

If you are in the market for a new heating and cooling system, you know that replacing your system is costly! However, some HVAC manufacturers offer promotions and rebates that help take a little edge off the ticket price. Carrier Systems is one such company with a Carrier Cool Cash Rebate promotion that might suit your budget and air conditioning needs. Read more about this promotion by browsing the most frequently asked questions about this air conditioning rebate. 

What is a Carrier Cool Cash Rebate? Carrier cool cash rebates Apollo Heating & Air

The Carrier Cool Cash Rebate is a program designed to partially refund part of the initial cost of a new HVAC unit to the buyer. This program was initiated to promote the sales of Carrier systems in the residential market on qualifying units and controls – it is widely considered the best promotion on the market. The Cool Cash promotion cannot be combined with other factory-sponsored rebates; however, a local carrier dealer, such as Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning, can provide other options, such as financing or service agreements, in addition to this program. 

Who Is Eligible for a Carrier Cool Cash Rebate? 

The Cool Cash rebate is available for single-family homeowners replacing an existing system or purchasing an add-on to a current system. The rebate cannot be used for commercial businesses, multi-family homes, or homes bought with a Carrier system already installed – it is refunded to the person who made the purchase. The systems or units must be purchased and installed within the promotional period, and you must buy a qualifying unit. If you purchase a controller or part of the unit outside of the promotional parameters, you will only be refunded for the eligible items. If you need clarification on your eligibility, contact a Carrier dealer to help you navigate this process. 

How To Apply for An Air Conditioning Rebate? 

Fortunately, applying for this air conditioning rebate is relatively simple. You don’t have to do anything except purchase a qualifying unit through a dealer that is running this promotion. The Carrier dealer will provide you with any qualifying rebate on your invoice, so check and ensure it is there! This will be deducted from your sale amount, and the dealer will submit the rebate information to Carrier on your behalf. You must ensure that the dealer you are working with has opted into the Cool Cash Rebate program, or else you cannot participate in the promotion. 

What Products Qualify? 

Carrier Cool Cash Rebates are available for qualifying high-efficiency furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and air conditioners. You can add accessories such as controllers, programmable thermostats, indoor air quality equipment, humidifiers, or carbon monoxide detectors. Remember, these products qualify only during certain times of the year. Your local Carrier dealer will help guide you to exactly what models are eligible for the rebate. Contact a Carrier dealer for more information on products and combinations, or call Carrier Consumer Relations to find a dealer near you. Carrier air conditioning Apollo Heating & Air

What Is the Time Frame For Receiving a Rebate? 

One of the best things about this air conditioning rebate system is that it is immediate. The rebate comes from the sale price, which is deducted and identified on your invoice or receipt. You can receive this rebate directly from your dealer without any hassle, upfront cost, or waiting to get your money back. 

Can I Have More Than One Rebate? 

You cannot have more than one rebate for the same unit. However, you can have more than one rebate if you have more than one system installed in your home. You are eligible for multiple rebates as long as the equipment or combination of equipment qualifies, and they are for separate units. Similarly, suppose you are buying an additional unit for a vacation or secondary home. In that case, you can qualify for two individual rebates on the systems for both your primary and secondary home. 

Can I Receive an Air Conditioning Rebate For My Business? 

Unfortunately, the Carrier Cool Cash Rebate only applies to homeowners and residential systems. Therefore, businesses or commercial air conditioning units and accessories do not qualify for the rebate. If you want to learn more about your business’s heating and cooling, contact a local Carrier dealer or HVAC specialist such as Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for specific advice and assistance. 

When Can I Use The Cool Cash Rebate? 

This promotion runs several times throughout the year, usually once around springtime and another in the fall. It is important to note that to be eligible for the rebate, your system must be purchased and installed within the qualifying periods. Only Carrier systems or units that qualify within the published date parameters are eligible for the refund. Working with a licensed Carrier dealer ensures your purchase happens within the program’s sale date and you have an appropriate installation date. 

How Much Will My Rebate Be? 

The rebate varies significantly from customer to customer. The amount is based on which products you purchase; some have a different promotion than others. Rebates are different for various equipment and equipment combinations. The maximum amount of the refund is $1,550. Your certified Carrier dealer will be able to advise you on the exact rebate amount you can expect based on each product you choose. Your invoice will have the amount clearly listed and deducted from the sale price. Apollo Heating & Air your Carrier local dealer

How Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning Can Help

Are you in the market for a new HVAC system? Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help! If you are considering the Carrier Cool Cash Rebate, our team of professionals can help make navigating this process incredibly simple and save you on the upfront cost of your unit. Contact Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for more information about the Carrier Cool Cash Rebate and help with your application process!