Commercial Air Conditioning Service Tips for Your Business

Jul 6, 2021

The Summer Can Cause the Most Strain on Your Commercial Air Conditioner


While heavy work loads may cause you to break a sweat occasionally, you don’t want to find yourself perspiring because your AC system in your office is down. During one of the hottest summers ever in the Tri-Cities, we rely heavily on our HVAC units to keep us cool and comfortable at our places of business.

In order to keep your commercial AC units operating at maximum efficiency during this hot season, there are maintenance steps you can take that will prevent sudden malfunctions. By taking simple, precautionary actions to ensure your AC system is operating correctly, you could avoid emergency calls to your HVAC provider. You also save money and aggravation by implementing routine checks of your HVAC unit while keeping your employees cool and happy.

The following basic maintenance tips for your commercial air conditioning unit could prevent costly air -conditioner related problems in the future.


AC Service Tips for Your Business

Don’t Overload Your AC Unit

We all know how warm it gets in the summer months in the Tri-Cities. But if you set your air conditioner too low, it could cause undo strain on the unit, potentially leading to machine failure. So instead of putting the AC unit at its lowest setting, find a comfortable setting that keeps everyone cool without overworking your air conditioner.

An easy way to precisely control temps in your building is to obtain a digital, programmable thermostat. This allows you to set the temperature at certain degrees and at specific times of day. For example, keep your building warmer at night and cooler during the day.


Clean Your AC Unit

There are usually external and internal components to a commercial air conditioning system. Here is how to keep them all clean:

• Don’t allow rooftop vents to get covered up with furniture, rooftop gardens or other obstructions.

• Always make sure the fins and blades of external fans are clear. This will make it possible for hot air to escape so the refrigerant can operate in the correct manner.

• Outside compressor units should be clear of all debris, dirt, obstructions, and overgrown landscaping.

• Replace your AC filters. Your commercial AC unit probably has filters that are meant to last several months. Nonetheless, you should examine them regularly to be sure they don’t collect dust and impede air flow.


Check Freon Levels

You should be vigilant about making sure your commercial AC unit is not leaking Freon. If you notice that your AC unit is not working right – not generating cool air based on the temperature setting – this could be a clue that the Freon levels are gradually diminishing. This issue is more prevalent in older AC units.


Watch for Leaks in AC System

Small cracks in your AC system could result in leakage of refrigerant. If you observe your system blowing out hot air or not cooling appropriately, you want to call an HVAC technician immediately. AC unit breakdowns are typically caused by leaked refrigerant or inadequate ventilation within the system. A certified service technician will examine all ducts when performing a comprehensive maintenance of your commercial air conditioning system.


Be Aware of Cycle and Flow

AC systems tend to contain a lot of moisture because it cools and heats air. So regularly look for frost and make sure the drains are clear. It’s helpful to know that drip pans are designed to capture errant leaks. If they are full, they will overflow. This is a sign that there is excess condensation or a plug. Plugged drain lines – typically adjacent to the condenser unit – can cause damage or lead to the system shutting down. The system will shut down completely if your system has a drain float, which signals an emergency shutoff. It helps to shop vac the pipes and drain the lines. Call your AC service professional if this happens more than once or if you notice foul-smelling water coming out of the system.


Look to Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for Expert Maintenance of Your HVAC

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