Have you checked your filter lately?

Feb 12, 2013

Unfortunately one of the most often neglected maintenance tasks for residential heating and air conditioning systems is changing the furnace filter. A furnace filter is an extremely important component of any air conditioner or furnace.

Why is the furnace filter so important?
There are several very important things that happen when people don’t change their furnace filter or air conditioner filter. You often hear that not changing your air conditioner filter or furnace filter will cause problems. What really happens?

Air Conditioner Filter

  • Reduced refrigerant operating pressures within the air conditioner which can cause the evaporator coil to ice up.
  • Reduced cooling capacity which results in longer run times and higher energy costs.
  • Poor air circulation throughout your home resulting in some spaces not being cooled properly.

Furnace Filter

  • Reduced air flow across the heat exchanger resulting in higher heat exchanger¬†operating temperatures. This can result in cracked heat exchangers causing Co to leak into the space being heated.
  • Increased run times due to lower air flow. This results in higher fuel costs because it takes longer to heat the space. In electric forced air furnaces the result is the same except your power bill will be higher.

A good rule of thumb is to check your filter once a month. Different size filters need to be changed more often than others. Factors such as the location of your home and if you have pets, can affect how long your filter will last. During a Fall or Spring maintenance on your heating system, Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning certified service technicians will check your filter and replace, if necessary. But again, this may need to be done more often.