Hello Spring!

Apr 8, 2014

Hello spring! Yes, it is that time of year again! Beautiful weather, picnics, barbeques, and fun in the sun. While we have all been counting the days until we see that glowing ball of joy we call sunshine, we also know that means blooming flowers and pollinating trees. As spring is notorious for wind in the Tri-Cities area, this also means increased dust, pollen and other allergens make their way into our homes.

According to the EPA, the indoor air we are exposed to is 70% more polluted than the outdoor air and studies show that the average American spends nearly 90% of their time indoors. Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems air filters should be changed not when they’re dirty but on frequently planned intervals. During peak seasons (summer and winter) your system is working much harder and therefore your air filter will need to be checked and replaced more often. The benefits of keeping these filter changes up to date are overwhelming, with the main goal being keep the air we breathe clean and healthy.

An air filter’s job is to keep the air in your home clear of dusts, molds, pollens and other contaminants, which can worsen allergies and can cause diseases. By changing out your filter on a regular basis you insure you are not re-circulating dust, molds, pollens and other contaminants back through your system and into your home.

As we start pulling out our toys for the summer months, and start manicuring our sprouting landscape, let’s not forget to double check that filter and keep our homes clean and our families healthy so we can enjoy every minute in the sunshine! Please call Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a maintenance or with any questions. (509)987-1500. Happy playing from your Apollo Family.