How often do HVAC Systems Need to be Serviced?

Jun 22, 2022

How Often Should I have my HVAC System Serviced?

As we are now on the threshold of summer, which is just weeks away, you want to be sure your HVAC system is operating at maximum efficiency. The sun will be bearing down on the Tri-Cities with temperatures well into the nineties and even reaching triple digits. You will want to be sure you have cool, comfortable air circulating throughout your home or office building.

The question becomes how often should you service your HVAC system to ensure reliable treated air year-round. Is once a year enough? Maybe twice a year? And what are the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance?

When You Should Service Your HVAC

The perfect time to service your HVAC system is right before you will need it the most. That would point to fall and spring. For example, for your air conditioning system, you want to have your A/C system serviced in the spring, preferably April or May.

You want to allow for some time for the possibility of new parts having to being ordered. In the meantime, you could be without your air conditioner for several days or a week or longer. You don’t to find yourself confronting sweltering desert heat without your A/C unit available and working.

You also want to have your HVAC system – or your furnace – serviced in the fall – ideally early or mid-fall – to allow time for the acquisition of new parts. Winter brings cold and blustery weather with it, and you want your furnace operating well for the whole season.

In short, you want your furnace and air conditioning inspected by a professional at least once a year to prevent major problems from occurring and compromising the performance of your energy system.

Why Regular Maintenance Service Pays Off

A competent HVAC technician will be able to detect early warning signs of electrical and mechanical issues before they turn into major problems. If you delay these twice-yearly maintenance services, you run the risk of encountering serious breakdowns that could shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system.

An example of early onset malfunctions that will be identified during these twice-yearly maintenance services are a frayed wire that can turn into a broken-down compressor, and a dangerous electrical malfunction.

Postponing these HVAC services means potentially more expensive – and inconvenient – repairs later. These major repairs can happen at any time, and they probably will disrupt the operation of your HVAC at the worst times – during extreme hot or cold weather.

hvac system service Another advantage of scheduling routine maintenance in the spring and fall is that HVAC technicians are more likely to be available. You’ll receive more prompt service during these “off-seasons” in the fall and spring. Because their work schedules are not as busy in the fall and spring, HVAC technicians can take more time to thoroughly inspect and examine your HVAC system. They can test the effectiveness of your HVAC components to ensure everything is in sync and working flawlessly.

You extend the life of your energy system when you have it serviced twice a year. For example, an un-serviced A/C system loses 5 percent efficiency every year and uses more energy. What’s more, when you neglect to service your HVAC on a regular basis, it puts more exertion on your energy system, which reduces its lifespan by as much as 50 percent. Also consider that a new air conditioner costs upwards of $7,500 to $8,000.

One more reason to have your HVAC system routinely serviced is for your comfort. You will find that climate control systems begin to operate less effectively gradually over time. Also, natural wear and tear cause the components to deteriorate. When your system is operating at maximum capacity, you can be assured of better-quality performance, which means more comfortable living spaces in your home or office building.

Safety is another benefit of routine service. This is especially the case for gas-powered heating systems. For instance, a damaged heat exchanger has the potential to cause major problems. An example of such a problem is exposing yourself to hazardous levels of carbon monoxide gas and posing a fire danger.

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