How to Keep A Comfortable and Warm Home this Winter

Jan 14, 2022

How to Keep your Home Warm and Comfortable in the Winter

Wintertime is the time to enjoy being with family and re-unite with friends and relatives. It’s when we embrace cherished traditions and indulge in culinary delicacies. As the holiday season tends to bring on more celebrations and decorations than usual, the warmth of your home may also be more sensitive than usual. As the holiday season tends to bring on more celebrations and decorations than usual, the warmth of your home is also more sensitive than usual. The holiday season is also a time when you want to make sure that celebrations and holiday decorations don’t compromise the comfort of your home. With the increase in holiday traffic around your home, the potential for fires and hazardous conditions becomes more likely.

With the increased holiday traffic around your home, potential fires and hazardous conditions can be more likely to happen. You don’t want anyone exposed to hazardous conditions or the potential for fire, for example.

Here are eight tips to ensure your home will be warm and comfortable this holiday season:

  1. Keep Flammable Objects in Safe Places
  2. Maintain Service for Your Furnace Heat
  3. Adjust Your Thermostat
  4. Inspect Condition of Your Lights
  5. Keep Your Heat On
  6. Listen for Unusual Sounds from Your HVAC System
  7. Make Sure Windows & Doors Are Secured

Ways to Keep A Comfortable and Warm Home This Holiday Season

Keep Flammable Objects in Safe Places

Be careful where you store flammable items, particularly during the holidays when we are all rushed and have our attention diverted to fun and games. Don’t have flammable materials or objects stored where they could pose a risk to you and your family.

It is around the holidays that you need to be mindful of lots of paper, including gift wrapping paper, being adjacent to candles, or other heat sources. Have a cleared area around the perimeter of heat sources like the fireplace and heating vents.

Maintain Service for Your Furnace Heater

If you have not recently done so, schedule a maintenance service for your furnace to make sure it is operating properly. Because you want a comfortable and warm home for the holidays, it is important that your heating system is working as it should and at maximum efficiency.

When you have your HVAC system serviced, you eliminate the possibility of malfunctions occurring that could lead to trouble when it comes to heater-related accidents. It is all about keeping a comfortable and warm home during this busy and festive holiday season.

Use Heat from the Oven Can Lessen Use of Your Furnace

While we would never recommend that you use your oven as a heat source for your home, we do suggest that when there is lots of cooking happening, you could adjust your programmable thermostat lower than usual.

When for a good part of the day there is baking taking place, you can be comfortable and not over-heat. With stoves and ovens providing plenty of heat in your kitchen and surrounding areas, this is a good opportunity to give your furnace a bit of a rest.

Large Gatherings & Adjusting Your Thermostat

When you have lots of people filling your home to celebrate the holidays, that results in more bodies producing more heat. Having more people in your home will naturally create a warmer environment. This means you can adjust your thermostat to reduce furnace output.

Inspect Condition of Your Lights

With the holidays comes lots of lights to mark the festive season. Whether they are Christmas tree lights, outdoor lights or lights illuminating your roof, these lights have the potential to be dangerous if not properly maintained.

There are also lamps and the danger they pose at a time when your home is inundated with holiday decorations. When it comes to your lights, look for signs of damage, and promptly repair or replace lights that are in poor condition. If you have frayed cords or lights that appear worn, those lights can pose a serious risk and lead to an electrical fire if not cared for properly.

You might want to use a smart timer or smart outlet to always be sure the holiday lights turn off when you leave the room or go to bed.

Never Turn Your Heat Off

Even if you are leaving town, do not turn off your heating system. While you may want to lower the temperature in your home, you also should have the heat stay on so you don’t have pipes that burst or other plumbing issues at home.

Listen for Unusual Sounds from Your HVAC System

You should be attuned to the normal and unusual sounds that emanate from your furnace, especially if you have had it for many years. In order to prevent electrical fires or other dangerous occurrences, pay attention to unusual sounds from your heating system such as rattling, squealing, clanking, clicking, or “thwapping.” Any sounds that seem different should warrant your attention. It could even necessitate calling your HVAC contractor for troubleshooting or a maintenance service.

Make Sure Windows & Doors Are Secured

At a time when so many people are coming and going amidst holiday gatherings and unannounced visits, it is more important than ever to keep your windows and doors locked. You want to be mindful of preventing intruders from coming into your home. To prevent intruders from coming into your home. It only takes one unlocked window or door for a burglar to take advantage and break into your home.

And make sure you keep your garage locked, as well. Keep in mind that intruders can come into your home in a matter of minutes. That is why you also should secure the door that is accessed through the garage.

In order to ensure your family and other loved ones are safe this holiday season, remember to also lock your garage and do not give your garage access code to anyone.

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