Important Factors to Consider When Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor

Sep 23, 2021

Important Commercial HVAC Contractor Credentials

If your HVAC system is more than a decade old, you probably will need a replacement soon. If your energy system is newer, you will no doubt need maintenance service performed on your unit, which means you will be searching for an HVAC contractor soon.

What factors should you consider when looking for an HVAC service provider? What are the most important elements for finding the right company? When it comes to choosing the best HVAC contractor for your business, it can seem overwhelming as the market is flooded with HVAC companies.

In this space, we will offer practical advice and sound guidance for how to select the best HVAC contractor for your commercial business.

What to Look for in an HVAC Contractor

Proper Credentials and Licensing

Working on HVAC units requires specialized skills and a high level of talent. Performing maintenance on energy systems and installing HVACs should never be done by a layperson. So always make sure an HVAC contractor you hire is fully licensed.

Even if you think you’ll save money by acquiring the services of a non-licensed HVAC contractor, it will ultimately cost you more money, and it is usually illegal. The technician you choose should be certified and properly trained and know how to work with HVAC systems.

You will also want to verify credentials that include federal and state licenses. We recommend you inquire about certifications in servicing commercial heating and cooling units.

Ask for Proof of Bonding and Insurance

When HVAC contractors are bonded, they can compensate you for property theft, work not completed per the contract, and other losses excluded by insurance.

When contractors are insured, you should be compensated for property damage or personal injury.

Keep in mind that when a contractor is not bonded and/or is not insured, it places your business at risk for major financial loss.

Ask Contractor for References

If you are dealing with a reputable, credible HVAC business, they will not hesitate to be forthcoming with references. What’s more, they should provide a list of customers that have facilities similar to yours.

Check Contractor’s Record with the Better Business Bureau

While the Better Business Bureau (BBB) won’t divulge comprehensive information about an HVAC contractor, they can tell you how a contractor responds to its customers’ needs. For example, contractors that do not address customer complaints adequately will likely have this noted in their records. You should avoid these contractors who fail to tend to the needs of their customers.

Relevant Experience

As you search for the right contractor to work on your HVAC unit, consider the type of facility you have and what kind of work is needed. It is prudent to evaluate specific criteria when evaluating HVAC companies to ensure they can competently service your particular energy system.

A credible, reputable HVAC company ought to be able to perform maintenance service for both commercial and residential HVAC units. However, you should determine that the HVAC needs for your business are aligned with what a contractor offers.

Assess their online presence and read their customer reviews. You also have the option of talking with other business owners who have facilities similar to yours about their HVAC maintenance services.

Clear Communication and Transparency

One of the most important factors in deciding which HVAC contractor to hire is how well and how clearly they communicate with customers. For example, you should be satisfied with their explanation of the maintenance that will be done on your HVAC system.

There should always be transparency when it comes to your contractor providing you a work estimate and conveying what service they will perform. If necessary, pose questions to your contractor and always verify information so there is absolute certainty as to the amount of money to be paid and the precise nature of the maintenance to be performed by the HVAC contractor.

Good communication is usually a positive indicator that the contractor will stand behind their work and offer excellent quality services.

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