Is It Ever Too Late for a Furnace Tune Up?

Nov 2, 2021

Is it Too Late for a Furnace Tune-Up?

It is never too late for a furnace tune-up, but there are many advantages to having maintenance done on your heating equipment before the icy cold weather descends on the Tri-Cities this winter.

Fall is the time of year when it is ideal to have professional HVAC technicians inspect your furnace to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency come mid-December when winter begins. In fact, this is one of the most important services to schedule each year to keep your HVAC system working in the best shape for the longest time possible.

You want to have your heating system tuned-up nearest to the period when it will perform the most work.

Why a Fall Furnace Tune-Up is Vital

There isn’t much room for error when it comes to your furnace operating reliably to keep your home cozy and warm. When the severe winter weather strikes – often meaning lots of ice and snow and temperatures plunging into the thirties or twenties – your furnace needs to be working at its best. You don’t want to take a chance on people in your household, especially the elderly or children, experiencing cold weather indoors because your furnace has maintenance issues.

Here are just some of the reasons you should schedule a maintenance service for your furnace now, if you have not already done so.


With gas furnaces, you have the potential to create hazards for a household, such as a carbon monoxide leak. During an Apollo maintenance service, technicians inspect the furnace to identify places where leaks might start. They then arrange to have the problem fixed. Included in your annual maintenance service are safety checks to ensure your furnace is working properly, and that also means safely.

It is not a good idea to delay having your furnace inspection when there is the potential for dangerous leaks of poisonous gases in your home.

Energy Savings

Perhaps the next biggest advantage of having your furnace inspected in the fall is the energy savings you will experience. By investing in a routine tune-up of your furnace, you will guarantee that you furnace works smoothly and efficiently, translating into better use of your heating equipment and dollars saved.

As part of your annual tune-up, our certified technicians at Apollo will make necessary adjustments and replace components as needed, making sure your furnace does not have to work extra hard to heat your home. When it does, that means you pay more money toward your energy bill, while experiencing less heat being distributed to your living spaces.

Without regular maintenance, your furnace can lose 5 percent of its efficiency every year. Conversely, with proper maintenance, your furnace will retain 95 percent of its original efficiency during its entire lifespan.

Longer Lifespan for Your Furnace

If you have yearly inspections done on your furnace, it should last 10 years to 15 years.

Preventative maintenance will definitely extend the life of your furnace. In fact, routine tune-ups can help you avoid as much as 85 percent of the repair needs your energy system may ever need throughout its lifespan.

When you neglect doing maintenance, your furnace can begin accumulating problems much faster than it would had it received maintenance service regularly. These mechanical problems could involve worn down parts and an overheated motor, or cracked heat exchangers.

Avoid Emergency Repairs with a Fall Furnace Tune-Up

The last scenario you want to have happen is a sudden breakdown of your furnace during an icy cold day this winter. It is a hassle and a major inconvenience to have to call for an urgent maintenance repair of your furnace as you and your other home occupants are cold inside your house.

While Apollo technicians are available at any time to service your heating system, do yourself a favor and schedule a maintenance service as soon as possible so you can be sure that you have a highly capable working furnace when winter weather strikes.

Look to Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for Expert Installs & Maintenance of Your Residential Furnace

Apollo is the Northwest leading provider for heating service for homes and businesses in the Tri-Cities. We not only evaluate and help you control the comfort and quality of your home’s air, we can also offer solutions for managing your energy costs.

Our maintenance service optimizes the efficiency of your system, while also reducing the likelihood of a breakdown, for one low price.

At Apollo, we understand that the function of your heating system is a high priority. That is why we are committed to exceptional service and repair of your furnace to ensure it works flawlessly this winter.

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