Is November a Good Time To Buy an Air Conditioner?

Nov 20, 2021

Why November is a Good Time to Buy an Air Conditioner

With summer being months away and while we are enjoying mild and even occasionally cool temperatures in the Tri-Cities, it might seem strange to be thinking about an air conditioner, let alone deciding to buy an air conditioner.

As with other seasonal products, there is a lot of conjecture over when is the opportune time to buy an AC unit. It might be logical to think that the early summer is the ideal time to get an air conditioner system. Maybe the winter when the demand is low. Who thinks about cooling down their homes when temperatures are near freezing?

In reality, neither of these times is prudent to obtain an air conditioner.

The summer and winter find HVAC providers overwhelmed with demand. The winter is known for being a busy time for sales, as is the summer. Why winter? During the winter season, when many people have their furnaces repaired or replaced, they take advantage of the chance to save on delivery and installation costs by having their AC units replaced simultaneously.

And once the heat arrives, consumer demand for air conditioning systems increases substantially.

This means that prices stay high and there are few if any bargains to be had on AC units during the winter or summer seasons.

Reasons Why Purchasing AC in the Fall is Best

Avoid Delays for AC Installs

Knowing that the average lifespan of an air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years, if your unit is approaching this milestone, it is probably time to consider buying a new unit. Now, in the fall, makes perfect sense for purchasing a new AC system to set yourself up for the next cooling season in the summer.

If you wait to purchase your air conditioning unit until the summer – or even as summer is approaching – you are likely to encounter installation delays. This could mean you would have to potentially make it through the Tri-Cities hot temperatures for more days or even weeks until technicians are available to install your AC system.

Keep in mind that AC unit installs are in high demand during the summer months. By purchasing your AC system during autumn, you will avoid delays and minimize or eliminate discomfort.

More Time to Investigate Different Options for AC Units

If your air conditioning unit has a malfunction during the summer, you have few options when it comes to replacing your unit. Again, HVAC dealers are extremely busy during this peak season and you could encounter long waits.

Instead of making a rash decision for something as important as air conditioning during those hot summer months, do yourself a favor by looking into a new unit during the fall. You can take the adequate time necessary to consider specs and types of AC units and talk at length with your HVAC dealer about what your air treatment needs are for your home or business.

Enjoy Potential Discounts for AC Systems

During the fall, you stand a good chance of finding discounts on AC units when demand is much lower. It is during the off-season that HVAC businesses are most likely to entice people to buy an air conditioner with price markdowns.

In fact, contractors are more open to reducing installation costs during the off-season of fall and spring. Why? Because retailers and manufacturers have to lower the prices of HVAC systems so they can contend with significantly lower consumer demand during the mild season months. You can cash in on these savings by purchasing a new air conditioning unit now, in November, and before the onset of winter when HVAC companies become busier.

As you can see, if you purchase an air conditioning unit in November, or anytime this fall, you will enjoy a smoother and more affordable experience. You will also have plenty of time to get all facets of your AC system working perfectly and be plenty prepared for the summer!

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