Is Spring the Best Time for HVAC Maintenance?

Mar 24, 2022

When is the Best Time for HVAC Maintenance?

Maybe your approach to your air conditioning system as out of sight and out of mind. Afterall, in the Tri-Cities, you probably don’t use your air conditioner much at all from late fall all the way until late spring or early summer.

But having an HVAC maintenance in the spring makes all the sense in the world if you want to ensure that you enjoy cool and comfortable air in your home this summer. We know how hot the desert heat can be from June through September in the Tri-Cities. And the last thing you want to have happen is to be caught in a heat wave with a broken-down A/C system.

Having an HVAC maintenance this spring will ensure your air conditioning is working, and at optimal efficiency this summer. If your A/C unit is well maintained – with maintenance service scheduled at least once a year – it will be in better condition to handle heavy demand for months at a time.

5 Reasons Spring is the Best Time for HVAC Maintenance

Avoid Scheduling Delays for A/C Maintenance
As you can probably guess, the summer is by far the busiest time of year for A/C repair jobs, and even for HVAC maintenance, in general. Once the initial heatwave strikes, many people like you find out that their energy systems don’t function or don’t operate correctly. This results in a major increase in HVAC repair requests.

But by scheduling your HVAC maintenance for the spring, instead of waiting potentially days or weeks in the summer, you are likely to enjoy much quicker service. You are able to take advantage of the reduced demand for air conditioning repairs. Their lighter schedule in the spring enables HVAC technicians to tend to your air conditioning system much faster, potentially heading off more serious mechanical or electrical issues with your A/C system.

Improved Air Quality
If you have to endure seasonal allergies or asthma, you know how difficult it can be to contend with the pollen and other allergens in the air. But when you schedule an HVAC maintenance in the spring, you are taking an important step toward combating your allergy symptoms. Why? During the maintenance visit, a certified technician will thoroughly clean your system, replace air filters, and ensure that your A/C system is operating at maximum efficiency.

This will significantly improve your home’s indoor air quality and markedly decrease the amount of dust and allergens circulating throughout your home. This way, not only do you benefit from having cool, comfortable air, but you can breathe easier, as well.

Stay Ahead of the Summer Heatis spring the best time for hvac repair
You never want to be caught in the unfortunate predicament of enduring a brutal heat wave in the Tri-Cities and not be able to enjoy a working air conditioner. Going without treated air in your home for even a short period of time in the summer can leave you feeling horrible, and even sick.

But by having your HVAC maintenance service during the spring months, you make it possible for certified technicians to catch potential problems before they become major ones and later result in an expensive repair. It is better to possibly be without your air conditioning system during spring, with its milder temperatures, while a routine maintenance or repair is performed, than in the summer when you need it most.

Catch Problems Early
During your HVAC maintenance visit, a technician will identify and fix minor problems with your A/C system. This prevents small scale issues from later developing into real problems that come attached with a hefty price tag.

Something small like a fan blade that is off balance can eventually wreak havoc with your air conditioning unit. It will also cause an increase in your energy bills, while leaving your HVAV unit susceptible to a breakdown.

Keep in mind that broken components and loose parts – that can be caught and corrected during a spring maintenance service – can cause your A/C to stop working and even lead to irreparable damage.

Without a spring HVAC maintenance, you the risk of a domino effect happening with one minor problem developing into something worse, and then that causes issues with other parts or components of your air conditioning system. For example, a refrigerant leak could turn into a frozen evaporator coil, even during summer, which results in a much less efficient heat transfer process. This lowers your indoor air quality. What’s worse, it could lead to ice buildup, which may damage your HVAC system, or even result in a mechanical breakdown.

Reduced Energy Bills
The best way you can be sure of keeping your energy bills lower this summer, is by having your A/C system run at optimal efficiency. You may even reduce your monthly energy bills by as much as 10 percent to 15 percent.

This is another reason to have an HVAC maintenance service this spring. When all the components and parts of your air conditioning system operate as they are designed to, it requires much less energy to cool your indoor air. Without a spring maintenance, however, you could jeopardize the integrity of your HVAC system by having a malfunctioning component consume more energy than is necessary.

Take a typical problem with an air conditioning system, which is low refrigerant. This particular issue can result in significantly higher energy bills as it causes your A/C system to work much harder than it should. Low refrigerant will lead to issues like short cycling, and that is an energy drainer.

If you schedule a spring HVAC maintenance, a technician will easily spot a problem like this before it has a chance to worsen, saving you a lot of money in the form of lower energy bills.

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