Is Warm Air Coming From Your AC?

Oct 8, 2020

Is Warm Air Coming From Your AC?

Hot air is the last thing you want coming out of your home’s air conditioning unit. It can make you sweat literally and figuratively if it happens on a typical hot summer day in the Tri-Cities. 

However, this is not an uncommon problem.  

In actuality, there are many different variables that can cause warm air to blow out of your A/C unit. 

Take These Steps to Find Cause of Warm Air from Your A/C Unit

Check Your Thermostat

It can be easy to neglect, but if your thermostat is not set correctly, it could explain why your vents are blowing warm air. Perhaps someone bumped the thermostat to a higher setting. Additionally, see if your air conditioning system is set to “auto.” If your system is set to “on”, your fans will continue to blow air even when the A/C system is not operating. 

We recommend you set your thermostat to “auto” to be sure your air conditioning unit does what it is supposed to do:  deliver cool air into your home. 

Check Your Filter

If your thermostat is set correctly, you should look into your filter. How old is your filter? If you’ve had it for a long time debris can form and the air will have a hard time passing through it. If your filter is clear and your A/C unit is still blowing warm air, we suggest you call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning where our expert service technicians will resolve the problem for you. 

Check Your Condenser 

The condenser – or the outdoor unit – could be covered in debris or obscured by weeds and sticks. These elements will obstruct the air from passing into the condenser. Clear the blockage if the air is not flowing properly into your unit. You could take this opportunity to clean the whole unit or call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of that for you. 

Check Your Circuit Breaker 

If your condenser has lost power, your indoor A/C unit could still be running, distributing warm air throughout your home. Make sure your circuit breaker is not tripped. Then, look for the breakers switch on your outside unit and flip the switch completely off and back on.  If these steps do not resolve your problem, you should call a professional to see whether your wiring is damaged. 

Low Refrigerant Leak

Low refrigerant is another common cause for the A/C to blow warm air. Losing refrigerant means losing your cool. Nonetheless, you should rely on a professional from Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning to determine if this is the culprit. Keep in mind that refrigerant is not consumed like gas.  If you are low it means you have a leak, and a field technician from Apollo can locate and fix the leak before adding more refrigerant. 

Leaky Air Ducts

It could be that you have a leak in an air duct that is interfering with your air conditioning system’s cooling process.  If your ducts are hidden under the walls, attic, or basement, you should reach out to Apollo for help. 

Look to Apollo for Regular Maintenance of Your A/C System

The best way to prevent your A/C unit from blowing warm air is by having a maintenance tune-up at least twice a year. If you need help with a warm air issue, or some other problem, call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning. Our expert field service technicians will diagnose your problem and fix it right away so you can enjoy cool and comfortable air in all your living spaces. 

Learn more by contacting Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning!  Call us at (509) 396-COLD (2653).