It’s cold. Really, really cold.

Jan 15, 2013

The Daytime Temperature High this week is in the upper 30’s. That’s the HIGH temperature. That’s really cold. In preparation for the winter weather, we “Winterize” our homes. We blow out sprinklers. We cover our outside faucets. We make sure our vehicles have antifreeze. We make sure our kids have winter coats and gloves. However, something often forgotten is a maintenance check on the heating system in our houses. This is the time of year that we really, REALLY, need our homes to be warm and comfortable. We need to be able to count on our heating systems. From our experience, waking up and finding out that your furnace has gone out in the middle of the night is not much fun. Several years ago, one of our competitors’ customers came to us because they woke up to a house that was 54 degrees. INSIDE. It could have been avoided, and we put them on a scheduled maintenance program right away. It takes about an hour to have your heating system maintained by one of our NATE Certified technicians. An hour, in exchange for peace of mind, is a pretty good deal. So, if you haven’t had your heating system checked in awhile, now is the time. Take the time out of your day to call us and have a technician come out to help ensure you don’t wake up to a 54 degree house.