Mini-Split vs. Garage Heaters: What Should I Get for My Garage?

Apr 19, 2021

Your garage can be used for much more than simply parking your cars. Your garage could also be transformed into a personal workshop, or to provide more storage, and much more. What you will want is a comfortable temperature if you are often working in your garage.  You will find that garages typically will not have the necessary ductwork for common heating and cooling systems. Installing ductwork is not the best option.  The most recommended way to heat your garage is by obtaining a ductless comfort system, such as a mini-split system or a garage heater. 

We will evaluate the differences between the mini-split and garage heaters as energy systems for your garage. 

What is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split is similar to a heat pump as it circulates heat instead of generating it. This makes it a very energy-efficient heating and cooling system for spaces without ductwork, like a garage. Typically, these electrical systems are placed on a wall and connected to the outdoor unit through a tiny hole in the wall. 

Although a ductless mini-split tends to be more expensive, many of them have earned ENERGY STAR® recognition because of their energy efficiency. An advantage of the ductless mini-split is that is quiet and offers zoned comfort, which allows you to control your garage’s climate. 

With the vast majority of mini-splits, you can link several indoor units to a single outdoor unit. If your garage is attached to your house, you might be able to use additional indoor units in areas that are challenging to heat or cool. 

What is a Garage Heater?

A garage heater is much more powerful than a space heater. This comprehensive heating solution is mounted on the ceiling or the upper corner of a wall. Depending on the model, these heaters may consume electricity, gas, or propane. These garage heaters are an ideal solution if you reside in a northern climate area and you need something sturdy. Garage heaters are heavy-duty and manufactured to last a long time. 

Assessing Important Features of Garage Heaters and Mini-Splits

Here is a helpful guide to assist you in selecting the appropriate energy system for your garage. 


Garage heaters are the lowest-priced style energy system available. The typical cost varies due to fuel type, however, they are often about half the cost of a mini-split. 

Operating Costs 

Garage heaters are very similar to a furnace, as they consume fuel to generate hot air. In contrast, a mini-split air conditioner is more like a heat pump, which shifts warmth. As a result, a mini-split is more energy efficient.  You will realize more energy savings if you choose an ENERGY STAR® certified model. You could also qualify for added rebates as a result of the energy efficiency. 

Fuel Source

Garage heaters have the most variety of options when it comes to fuel types. They include electricity, gas, or propane. Mini-splits are electric. 

Heating and Cooling

As its designation implies, a garage heater is limited to only circulating heat. A ductless
mini-split offers both heating and cooling. 

Precise Temperature Control

When you are searching for the most exact temperature control, a mini-split heat pump is the wisest option because it delivers zoned heating and cooling. That way, your garage will always be the preferred temperature for your unique needs. 

Space Considerations

Keep in mind that garage heaters are normally installed on the ceiling.  They can consume valuable overhead storage space. In contrast, mini-split systems are much more efficient with space as they are typically higher up on a wall and do not require much real estate.

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