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Rebates help get money back into your hands more quickly after you make a purchase. There are no federal rebates for energy-efficient purchases at this time. However, many state governments, local governments, and utilities do offer rebates for energy-efficient purchases. Some manufacturers also sponsor special offers that can make efficient products more affordable!

While specifics vary from program to program, savings categories frequently include financial incentives for HVAC systems, water heaters, building insulation, appliances, weatherization, lighting, and other energy-efficient improvements.

Financing Options

Apollo offers hassle-free financing options for all of our customers through Tri-Cu

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

An outline of federal tax credits for energy efficiency including home improvements home builders, commercial buildings and cars and green technology including solar, wind geothermal and fuel cell.

Benton PUD Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Rebates for Benton PUD Customers

Cascade Natural Gas Residential and Commercial Incentives

A list of incentives and descriptions for new residential homes, commercial and industrial customers from Cascade Natural Gas.

Franklin PUD Rebates

Information for Franklin PUD customers.

Carrier Cool Cash

Information about the “Cool Cash” program from Carrier on new equipment purchases.

Residential Conservation

For City of Richland customers.

Pacific Power Home Energy Program

Information Information and qualifications about the Pacific Power Home Energy Program for Washington Residents.

Benton Rea Conservation

Information and qualifications about Benton REA Utility Home Energy Conservation and Current Rebates.

Energy conservation is the best way for you to reduce your power bill! We are happy to discuss energy conservation with you, discuss ways to help you manage your electric consumption, and what we can do to help you live in an energy-efficient home.