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Reme-LED vs Coronavirus

COVID-19 (a deadly flu-like virus that can be transmitted through the air) has forced us to be more circumspect about the air we breathe.  Add to that is our heightened awareness of allergens in the air.  It is understandable that we are very focused on ensuring the air in our homes and businesses is as clean and pure as possible. 

Did you know that the quality of indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than the outside air?

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning wants to make you aware of a product that pro-actively treats every cubic inch of conditioned air in your home or business. 

The RGF’s HALO-LED Whole-Home Air Purification System

The In-Duct LED Air Purifier is a whole-home air purification system that reduces airborne and surface contaminants, viruses, and pollutants, all through bi-polar ionization. When your HVAC system is ON, the In-Duct LED Air Purifier produces ionized hydro-peroxide molecules that are distributed into the entire air space.  In fact, every time a hydro-peroxide molecule comes into contact with a contaminate it quickly breaks down and destroys them.  This restores the air to its natural clean state. 

The RGF’s HALO-LED whole-home air purification system uses positive and negative ions to charge the air, causing dust, dander, pollen and other particulates to stick together, making your existing air filter equipment more efficient at capturing these particles. 

If you have asthma or any type of respiratory disease, you’ll be happy to know that the HALO-LED whole-home air purification system makes the air in your home much cleaner.  

Features of the all-new HALO-LED include hybrid zinc-enhanced hydrophilic catalysts, washable ceramic catalysts, and phi-cell and Reme catalyst technologies to release active hydroperoxides into the air. A unique, washable ceramic catalyst that destroys VOCs two times faster and also allows for installation in high smoke and particulate environments. 

By combining Reme LED technology with RGF’s proven phi-cell technology, the all-new HALO-LED provides the most advanced in-duct, whole-home air purification system on the market today!

Reme Halo improves your indoor air quality Apollo Heating & Air

Features and Benefits of the Reme HALO-LED Air Purification System

  • Reduces airborne and surface microbials, bacteria, viruses, and mold
  • Reduction of smoke, odors, VOCs, allergens, dust, and particulate
  • Mercury-free and verified ozone free
  • Industry’s first washable catalyst for high load environments (i.e. cigar bars, smoking rooms)
  • Unlimited cycling capability designed to turn on/off with the HVAC system
  • Enhanced zinc ceramic catalyst for superior bacteria and virus reduction
  • Long-life replaceable LED cell module with 2 ½ times longer life than current mercury vapor UV lamp technologies
  • 7-year limited warranty with 4-year cell warranty

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Air Purification at Work 

We are committed to keeping your air, and your work, perfectly comfortable
Reme-LED at Work

The high occupancy of commercial buildings makes them one of the most polluted indoor air environments. The Guardian Air Reme HALO by RGF can reduce these contaminates at the source! Installing easily into any forced-air system, the Reme HALO is designed to recreate the natural way the environment removes impurities and outside air. This occurs by sending out ionized hydroperoxides into the space where you work and breathe, attaching microbes like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. And it destroys impurities like VOCs, chemicals, and odors in every cubic foot of air in the building at the same time. 

For more information on the RGF HALO-LED Air Purification System check out our recent blog article: “How to Improve Indoor Air Quality”.