Spring Cleaning

Apr 15, 2014

While we are all accustom to the tradition of rolling up our sleeves and putting in some elbow grease for the annual spring cleaning. There are some chores that should be added to the annual spring routine. Most only take a few minutes and can ensure you are prepared for the blistering summer months to come. Let’s get started.


1. Check your air-conditioning and heating equipment before the beginning of a new season. Schedule your annual maintenance. Spring and fall are the best seasons to have your system serviced. This ensures that your HVAC system will operate optimally during the more extreme weather months.


2. Check and/or replace your furnace and air-conditioning filters every month.


3. To keep a humidifier working properly, remove its housing and let the unit dry completely. Vacuum every accessible surface and crevice.


5. Clean your bathroom exhaust fans once a year. Take the cover off, wash it in soapy water and clean dirt off the fan blades with a toothbrush. Be sure the power is off when you do this!


6. Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors twice a year: when the time changes to daylight savings time and then back to standard time. While you’re at it, dust or vacuum the detectors to keep them working at peak performance.


7. Make sure you have a fully charged fire extinguisher that you can reach quickly and easily.


8. Inspect and, if necessary, caulk around your home’s windows and doors annually. That will help keep out heat and humidity in the summer and cold drafts in the winter—and save money on your utility bills all year round.


9. Open and close all windows. Do they all open easily, yet close tightly? If not, check the weather stripping. There are a number of different types to consider.


10. The best time to caulk a joint outdoors is during the spring or fall. That’s when the width of the joint is halfway between its seasonal extremes.


Double checking these items will help increase the quality of air you breath, allow your HVAC system to run optimally without added stress, and help save you money on your utility bills as well as prevent costly repairs.  Now, let’s get cleaning!


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