Symptoms of a Dirty Coil

Aug 3, 2021

When it comes to the trademark hot weather we experience here in the Tri-Cities, we all rely heavily on our HVAC units to keep us cool and comfortable. Our immediate reaction when hot desert air infiltrates our homes is to switch “On” the air conditioning unit.

But our HVAC might not operate correctly and treat our indoor air unless we keep it clean. The air filter is what right away comes to mind with respect to HVAC cleaning. But don’t neglect your coil. If your coil is dirty, you can forget about cooling your air. Your energy system simply won’t function correctly if you have a dirty coil.

Although you can’t easily see your coil because it is sitting inside the metal covering, there are clear symptoms of a dirty coil that will alert you it is time to take action and clean your coil.

Symptoms to Look for with a Dirty Coil

Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool Your Indoor Air

If you notice that your HVAC unit is not cooling your home like it normally does, a dirty evaporator coil could be the culprit. Dirt and dust hamper the evaporator coil’s ability to remove heat from your indoor air. As a result, the initial symptom you will probably notice if your coil needs to be cleaned is much less cooling action from your HVAC unit.

Your Coil Freezes

If your coil cannot absorb heat because of accumulated dirt and debris, condensation may have built up and caused your coil to freeze. If you are able to see it, you are likely to observe ice on the coil. A frozen coil will bring about a mechanical breakdown and require repair.

This is when you need to call a certified technician at Apollo to repair your coil.

You Have Higher Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bills have escalated recently – and you factor in heavier usage of your HVAC system – your air conditioner is probably working harder because of a dirty coil. Keep in mind that when a coil is dirty, it is much less efficient at extracting heat from the air.

Because of lost efficiency of your air conditioning unit, you will need to run your HVAC for longer periods to adequately cool your home. This translates into higher energy bills.

You Observe Dirt on Your Coil

The most obvious sign your coil needs attention is that you find a thick layer of dirt, dust and other gunk on your evaporator coil. It could be challenging to find your coil. It is normally deep inside the system, so you may want to ask your certified technician at Apollo to show you how to locate your coil during your next HVAC unit maintenance service.

Your HVAC Unit Will Need Replacement Sooner If a Dirty Coil isn’t Cleaned

Your air conditioning unit will not last as long as it normally would if you have a dirty coil. Manufactures presume that you will clean your evaporator coil regularly and maintain the unit properly when they inform you how long your A/C unit should last.

Look to Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for Expert Maintenance of Your HVAC

Look to the HVAC experts at Apollo to ensure your energy system is in excellent condition and operating at optimal efficiency so you can stay cool and comfortable this summer. Our experienced team of highly trained technicians will work with you and exceed your expectations during HVAC repairs and A/C unit replacements.

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