Thermostats have come a long way….

Feb 5, 2013

Do you love convenience? Of course you do, who doesn’t. How convenient would it be to have the luxury to adjust the temperature of your thermostat from anywhere that you could connect to the internet? How convenient would it be to do it from your smartphone or tablet?  How nice would it be to decide to stay on vacation a few extra days and being able to wirelessly adjust your thermostat to maintain “vacation setback temps” for a few more relaxing days?

The new Wi-Fi accessible thermostats allow you to do just that. The new thermostats use your home’s Wi-Fi internet connection and allow you to adjust your heating and air conditioning system from your laptop or smartphone. With a touch screen that you can download with your own pictures, it becomes a digital picture frame when not in use. There are a several brands that Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning offer: Venstar, Carrier and Honeywell, just to name a few. An Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning certified Service Technician can change out your existing thermostat for a new Wi-Fi accessible thermostat, usually in about an hour. They can also be installed if you are having a new heating system installed. An Apollo technician will show you its features and explain how the system works. Spending the winter in Arizona? Simply open up the thermostat app on your phone to make sure your house is warm and you won’t be returning to frozen pipes and a flooded basement. Did you leave on vacation and forget to turn down the heat? That’s no longer a problem. Call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for a free quote on a new heating system, including the new Wi-Fi thermostat, or for just a thermostat change out. You may be shocked at how inexpensive this luxury is! 509-396-COLD(2653).