Things to Look for in a Commercial HVAC Company

Feb 1, 2021

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As opposed to your house with just your loved ones to think about, when you run a retail store, office complex, supermarket or restaurant, you have to take into account the comfort level of your employees, tenants, customers, and visitors. Disruptions of your heating or cooling HVAC system can create negative impacts on your business operations, with consequences that can affect your bottom line, which is why we rely on commercial HVAC companies to keep the places we work and visit cool and comfortable. 

You depend heavily on the efficiency and effectiveness of your energy system. You, as the business owner or facilities manager, are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the HVAC unit’s health and performance. This enables you to optimize the productivity of your workers and allow for the overall comfort of everyone inside the building. 

It can be a challenge to track down a reliable, competent HVAC company that will serve all of your unique HVAC needs.  Which company will offer you the best quality and at a fair price? Also, will they be attentive to your demands to ensure the consistent comfort level of your building inhabitants? 

Commercial HVAC systems are also vital for climate control and air quality. 

Finding the right HVAC company is easier than you might think. As stated earlier, it is essential to know what to look for in a commercial HVAC company. Here is what we recommend when it comes to criteria to consider for choosing an HVAC provider:

Experience with Commercial Spaces

There are a lot more considerations to treating the indoor air of your office complex, retail store, supermarket, or restaurant than there are for your home.  So, when you search for a service provider, make sure they are transparent about their years of experience. The more experience they have, the better your chances of having competent service maintenance of your HVAC. 

Licenses and Insurance

There is no negotiating on this point:  your HVAC company should have the required permits and licenses to operate in your community. Make sure the company you select to operate on your HVAC system possesses current, up-to-date professional licensure while also adhering to the important statutes and regulations established by the state, city or county. 

When your HVAC company carries adequate insurance, you benefit from being protected against liability for problems that may occur during an HVAC maintenance service. Among the scenarios that could arise are accidental injuries, property damage, and non-payment of wages. You will want to be sure that your HVAC company has workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. 

Certifications and Other Honors

When an HVAC company has earned awards, certifications, and other accolades, this reflects the exceptional reputation they have for providing first-rate commercial HVAC products and services. These symbols of success convey the message that the HVAC company can be trusted and relied upon when servicing your energy system. 

One such certification to keep an eye out for is NATE (North American Technician Excellence). This is the standard by which all professional HVAC professionals are measured. HVAC companies that have NATE certification mean your energy systems will be installed, repaired, and serviced using the industry’s best practices. When you get quality workmanship, you will receive fast, efficient service that results in the job getting done right the first time. 

You also want to look for an HVAC company that is endorsed by an HVAC manufacturer. Top-notch HVAC providers are typically certified by at least one manufacturer to work on their products. This certification translates into proficiency to install, repair, and maintain HVAC systems based on manufacturer specifications. 

Recommendations from Industry Experts

A smart approach to selecting the best HVAC company for your energy system is to obtain referrals from someone you trust to provide positive recommendations. It might be from colleagues within your business or organization, friends, or family members. You can also search the Internet for customer reviews. 

Product Line

It is a good idea to investigate how many products lines your prospective HVAC provider has. For example, do they carry or install a wide array of products and equipment, and do they have relationships with highly recognizable manufacturers like Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Daiken, Mitsubishi, and Honeywell? 

You should steer clear of companies that sell you lesser-known equipment or only provide a few product lines. 

Knowledgeable Sales Teams

You’ll find that top-flight HVAC providers have highly skilled and knowledgeable sales teams comprised of technical specialists with engineering backgrounds. Their teams can help you with problem-solving and system design.  They also have ample years of experience in the field or in HVAC design and sales. 

Information Technology Expertise

Being that HVAC is a technical profession, HVAC companies that are immersed in technical fields ought to be technologically savvy in their back-office system too. 

Be hesitant to hire HVAC contractors who do not optimize the use of information technology in their operations, as well as in their installations. 

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