To repair or replace; THAT is the question.

Jan 29, 2013

All machines have an “expiration date”. That time in which things start to fail.  Your car for instance; When it gets to be a certain age, things start wearing out and breaking. You pour more and more money into service and repairs, until you finally get a newer and more efficient car. The benefits, of course, are better gas mileage and a warranty protecting you for years to come. Heating systems are no different. Your heating system will reach an age when it will be more susceptible to break down, but will eventually reach a point where replacement is the only option. The new heating systems are much more energy efficient, which will help to lower your utility bill every month. All new heating systems that Apollo professionally installs come with a warranty, and an optional extended warranty to protect your investment for years to come. Replacing your outdated system is easier than you may think. All you need to do is give Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning a call. Apollo will have a home comfort specialist, consult with you, look at the system that you currently have, and provide the most cost effective solution that makes the most sense for you. Apollo also works with the PUD’s to get you the rebates and incentives offered for High Efficiency heat pump and furnace replacements. Often times the actual installation takes no more than a few days. Afterwards, you are left with a worry free, higher efficiency heating system for your home. Call us today for your free, in home consultation. 509-396-COLD(2653)