Uh oh, what happened?

May 6, 2014

The warmer weather is here and many of us are spending our afternoon and evenings working in our yards. Giving thought to what flowers we are planting, what vegetables to plant in our garden, and trying to remember what fertilizer we liked so well last year. In addition to these thoughts we should add our heat pump. Why do you ask? Take a look…

Kinked Copper Line (Wood stacked around unit)

This picture shows a kinked copper refrigerant line. This damage occurred from wood that was stacked around the outddor unit. A wind storm blew the stack into the unit, causing the line to permanently kink. This is a costly accident, and one that needs to be repaired quickly as to not cause further damage to the unit.

This is a perfect example of the damage that can occur, if your heat pump or air-conditioning unit has not been properly kept.

Keeping the area around your heat pump clean and tidy, will ensure that it runs as effectively as possible and will help avoid accidental damage to the unit and the refrigeration lines. Here are a few “to do’s” to help you keep your system healthy and save you from emptying out your wallet for damage that could have been prevented.

  • Clean around the unit – Your heat pump needs to have a clear flow of air to operate at peak efficiency. This is why you should clear away any piles of leaves or other debris around it. Do not build fences around the heat pump or allow weeds or shrubs to get high around the unit. Do not place objects on the unit or lean tools against it, especially when it is in operation.
  • Clean the coils – The heat pump coils carry out the direct transfer of heat either to or from the air around them, so it is vital that they be clean and clear of debris. Turn off the electricity to the unit first. Then clean off any dirt, grass, leaves or other debris that may be on the coils.
  • Clean the cabinet – The cabinet that holds the unit also needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Wipe it off and give it a light coating of car wax. This will help to prevent rust. Do not use covers for the unit when it is not being used, as this will capture moisture and accelerate rusting.
  • Trim around the unit – Trim back any overhanging tree branches that might fall onto the heat pump, as well as any vines that might grow toward the unit. Either of these could cause major damage to your heat pump.

A heat pump is a significant investment, and you should do everything you can to make it last as long as possible. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Apollo Heating and Air. (509) 987-1500