Was that a School bus that just drove by?

Aug 27, 2013

Is summer vacation really over? Every parent with school age children will probably emphatically answer “yes!”. But, while school is back in session, we still have warm weather for awhile. Now is the perfect time to get an estimate on having your heating and air conditioning system replaced, before the cold weather hits. As much as we love the heat, the cold will be here before we know it! Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning offers free in-home estimates on system replacements. Interested in rebates? Our estimators have information on which rebates you could qualify for and Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning takes care of all the paperwork for you! Want an estimate, but don’t have time to meet with someone at your house? We have an online bid form that just takes a few minutes to fill out and an estimate will be emailed back to you. Getting an estimate couldn’t be easier. If you have questions or to schedule a free in- home  estimate, please call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning (509)987-1500.