What Different Types of HVAC Heating Systems are There?

Feb 1, 2022

When you are in the market for purchasing a new HVAC unit, you probably want an energy system that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and will keep your utility bills down, while also keeping you comfortable in your living or workspaces. But you may not have realized that there are different types of HVAC units you can choose from. Each type of HVAC unit offers pluses and minuses, and the ideal one for your home or business depends on your unique needs and specific demands.

Types of HVAC Units

When selecting the right HVAC unit, it is important you are aware of the various factors of the different types of HVACs. It is more than likely that you will strongly prefer one particular type of HVAC over the others.

There are four main types of HVAC systems. They are the following:

  • Hybrid Systems
  • Split Systems
  • Duct-free Systems
  • Packaged Heating and Air Systems

Heating and Cooling Split Systems

This is the HVAC system you will find to be most common. The system is split between two primary units, one designated for heating and the other for cooling. These systems house both indoor and outdoor units.

Each unit is quite distinct. There is a cooling system outside, which runs on refrigerant, compressors and coils to cool your indoor air. A fan blows out the hot air. These are typically the large AC units situated outside your home, and they operate during the summer.

This type of HVAC system is comprised of a heater, normally situated in a basement or other storage space, and it runs on gas to warm the indoor air. This treated air is distributed by a fan or an evaporator circulates the air. This system operates with a conventional thermostat to manage the temperature. It has the capability to keep your home or offices at a desired temperature. The majority of units come with purifiers, as well as humidifiers, so your living spaces have perfectly treated air to provide you with optimal comfort no matter how cold or hot it is outside.

When it comes to all types of HVAC systems, the heating and cooling split systems are the most widely used as they are most generally applicable.

Hybrid Split System

This particular type of HVAC system is increasing in popularity because of its ability to limit energy costs through its electric hybrid heating system. This system distinguishes them from other types of HVAC units. It is this energy saving feature that makes this HVAC system in such high demand and very popular among consumers.

Homeowners and business owners enjoy the advantage of being able to choose how to heat their homes or offices. You can switch between gas power – which more rapidly and thoroughly treats the indoor air – to electric – which is more efficient and quieter.

This hybrid split system is most suitable for milder climates, where you don’t experience extreme cold temperatures. This system uses traditional ducts, in addition to thermostats, and gives you all the benefits of a split system, while enjoying the ideal option to conserve energy, while also reducing your utility bills.

Duct Free (Mini-Split)

When you choose duct-free, or a mini-split system from all of the other different types of HVACs available on the market, you may have more upfront costs, but you enjoy major benefits, as well. For example, these types of HVAC systems are individual units in each room. This gives the user greater independent control.

You will find these units mounted on walls indoors and are typically attached to an outdoor compressor. The cost comes in the installation process. These units are ideal as an addition to your home. The reasons for this is that this HVAC system is easier to install, and it allows independent control of the unit.

This HVAC system is especially popular and effective for service businesses such as hotels or venues, as it enables tenants to control temperatures and conditions in each room to exact specifications. Another advantage of the duct free system is energy conservation. It heats the air in occupied rooms and doesn’t waste energy by running in unused rooms. This could make the duct free system perfect for people who are retiring or downsizing as they treat the air only in used rooms.

It is worth noting that, for this particular HVAC system, it is essential to regularly do a thorough cleaning, as well as frequent maintenance, as it is expensive to do repairs and replacements for the duct free HVAC unit.

If you want to learn more about the efficiency of Ductless Mini-Split systems, read our blog article on the subject!

Packaged Heating and Air

From all the different types of HVAC units, the packaged heating and air system is the most specialized. This system is a contained heating and air unit and is stored within the house. This type of HVAC unit is typically kept in the attic or top floor storage space. It functions in both heating and cooling a home or offices.

Because it is a compact size, a packaged heating and air unit is most suitable for smaller spaces or houses. One obvious advantage of this type of HVAC system is that it is easy to maintain. It is also operates highly efficiently.

This HVAC system is often used in warmer climates, as the heating system is not particularly powerful. The heat is normally electrically generated, but the other forms are able to combine gas and electric capabilities.

Packaged heating and air units are sometimes used in small commercial buildings and typically include electric coils or a furnace for heating.

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