What is the Average Cost of Installing Central AC in a Home?

Dec 16, 2022

What is the Average Cost of Installing Central AC in a Home? 

During the dog days of summer, it is essential to have the ability to head inside the house and feel cooled and refreshed. With our hot weather, central air conditioning is a vital component of any Eastern Washington home. However, AC units can be temperamental, and the ironic thing homeowners know is that their unit tends to malfunction when you need them the most! Nothing is worse than when your AC gives out during a heat wave. Sweltering days and hot sticky nights inside your home are something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy! 

When you have an AC issue, it is difficult to tell whether your air conditioning system needs an easy fix, a routine checkup, a complicated repair, or a complete overhaul and replacement. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! This article will tell you all you need to know about replacing your air conditioning unit, central AC installation, the average cost, and factors affecting the price. Read on to find out the best way to cool your house down!

installing central ac tips and cost infoHow to Know When Your Central Air Conditioning Needs Replacement

An air conditioning system is a complex unit with many components. Unfortunately, a malfunction of any of these components could lead to the system failing to provide your home with cool air. When your AC is out, often, it is simply a broken or disconnected part that needs a repair or a replacement, not the entire unit. However, as much as we would like them to run forever, air conditioning units have a finite lifespan. We demand a lot from them, and eventually, at some point, their functionality begins to diminish noticeably, or they stop working altogether. 

Here are a few signs your central air conditioning may be beyond repair and needs replacement:

  1. Recurrent unit problems 
  2. Freon and water leaks
  3. Loud noises and funny smells
  4. Broken thermostat
  5. The unit is blowing warm air instead of cold
  6. High electricity bills
  7. A humid home
  8. No airflow comes out of the vents
  9. Your unit has reached its lifespan

If your unit is experiencing one or more of these issues, it will likely need to be replaced. AC units have an expected lifespan of about ten years if properly maintained and won’t last much longer. Are you continually fixing the same problems every few months or years? This means time is probably up. Pouring money into the same issues of an aging machine is like trying to patch a hole in a sinking ship. Do yourself a favor, and start planning on replacing your central air conditioning. 

Replacing the Central AC/HVAC System

Realizing that you need to replace your central air conditioning system can be overwhelming. It is one of the most considerable expenses associated with homeownership. Often, air conditioning units are replaced under crisis when they malfunction. This immediate installation and replacement can increase the cost of the job. It is best to get your AC unit serviced by a heating and cooling professional annually who can recommend repairs and when to replace your system. This will help you plan to replace your unit during the off-season when labor costs are lower to help you budget and save for a new system. 

hire apollo to provide central ac ductworkA Full House Duct Installation or Replacement

Air flows into the ductwork from your central air unit throughout your house to be distributed evenly to each floor and room. Ductwork is an essential part of a modern air conditioning system. Unfortunately, some older homes may not have existing ductwork. Installing it could become necessary when you put in a new central air system. Ductless air conditioning systems exist, but they are far more expensive than the mainstream models. Installing ducts and vents can vary in price from $500 to $2,100, depending on the size of your home. 

Factors Affecting the Price

The average cost of replacing the central air conditioning in a home is between $3,900 and $7,500. The smallest, most budget systems can cost about $2,500, and replacing an entire unit with total house duct replacement can skyrocket to over ten grand! Remember that an .is costly because of the high unit price and the labor costs of professional installation. 

Several different factors affect the price. The first is the size and type of unit you are purchasing and if it is just the unit or inclusive of ductwork. The unit size you require depends on the layout and structure of your home and your AC needs. Another consideration is whether you need any upgraded features, which can increase the price of your machine. AC replacement costs are affected by several other factors, including the brand you purchase, the season you install the system, and the energy efficiency of the unit. Higher quality is usually associated with higher cost, but a budget option could be suitable if you have minimal space or AC needs. However, you should never make this call on your own as it can lead to expensive problems if miscalculated; instead, a professional will guide you in what you need for your unique space. 

Start Your Central AC Installation Journey with Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning

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