What to Consider When Upgrading Your AC System

Sep 27, 2020

What to Consider When Upgrading Your AC System

With the recent heat wave, it’s pretty plausible that you might’ve considered upgrading your ac system. As the hot sun bears down on the desert landscape in the Tri-Cities, we are running our air conditioning units more now than at any time of year.  That is why it’s important to evaluate the performance of your A/C unit to determine if there is room for improvement. 

You may need to upgrade your air conditioning unit in order to make all your living spaces cool and comfortable on a consistent basis. This is an important decision in terms of the time and labor that an upgrade will require. But keep in mind that even if your air conditioner appears to be working fine, you could be wasting a significant amount of money. 

Here are some indicators that your A/C system might be operating inefficiently: 

  • Subpar or inconsistent cooling
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Higher energy bills
  • Multiple or expensive repair costs

Consider that a new A/C system could yield a lot of energy savings while ensuring your maximum comfort during these hot summer months. 

What to Look for in a New A/C System

Investing in a new, more efficient A/C system will save you in the long term on energy consumption and costs. When searching for a new air conditioner, look for the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings of 13 or higher.  Older A/C systems are usually
6 SEER or less. What does a higher SEER mean?  A SEER rating provides you with a major efficiency upgrade that will significantly lower your energy bills. 

Choose the Proper Size When Purchasing a New A/C Unit

When buying a new air conditioner, you will get to know the term “tonnage.” This is not a reference to weight. A ton is a measurement of an air conditioner’s cooling power and is analogous to the size of an engine in your car.  Just like a 4.0 L V-6 is more powerful than a 2.5 L V-6, a two-ton air conditioner is more powerful than a one-ton. However, unlike a car engine, bigger is not always better. You are actually looking for a very specifically sized air conditioner for your home or office building. 

If you undersize a cooling system, that could cause serious problems, as your Tri-Cities home will not cool properly during the heat of summer and the machinery will not run constantly. Either condition is a waste of energy and natural resources and can be avoided by referencing ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) Manual J.  The ACCA publishes Manual J, which guides a contractor in calculating the cooling load for your specific home. 

Manual J factors in home size and layout, as well as room orientation, number of windows, landscaping that may shade your home, location of registers, and expected occupancy. These criteria lead to a precise determination of your cooling needs, so you can select the right size system when upgrading to a new air conditioner. 

Manual S is relevant when selecting the right size equipment to upgrade your air conditioner, and Manual D is used to determine that your home’s ducts are able to handle the airflow from the new system. 

Your Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning contractor can show you that Manual D indicates necessary improvements or modifications to your home’s ductwork. This would be done to improve your A/C system’s energy efficiency. Both main ducts and the smaller ducts connecting to individual rooms must be correctly sized to match your new system. 

Additional factors that are considered when upgrading your air conditioner include location, insulation, square footage, and various other criteria. If you look to Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning for your new air conditioner needs, our expert contractors will figure this out for you. 

Additional Factors to Look for When Choosing an Air Conditioner

  1. Window Type
  2. Weather Conditions
  3. Sun and Shade Spots
  4. Energy Consumption
  5. Durability

Look to Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning to Upgrade your AC System 

If you are planning to upgrade your A/C unit this summer, look to Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning expert field technicians to handle all your modifications to enhance the effectiveness of your home energy system. 

At Apollo, we offer exceptional air-conditioning units that keep you comfortable while driving your energy costs down. 

Learn more by contacting Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning!  Call us at (509) 396-COLD (2653).    

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