Who Invented Air Conditioning

Feb 14, 2022

Who Invented Indoor Air Conditioning?

As of 2019, nearly 700,000 homes in Washington State had air conditioning consisting of either central air or window units, according to the U. S. Census Bureau. This represents an increase from 487,000 households in the Evergreen State in 2015.

Approximately 91 percent of households in the U.S. have air conditioning, as well. You can be assured that the vast majority of households in the desert climate of the Tri-Cities operate air conditioning units during our hot, dry summer months.

This might prompt you to ask, who do we have to thank for the invention of air conditioning?

The Inventor of Air Conditioning — Willis Carrier

What inspired Willis Carrier to conjure up the idea for an air conditioner? He hatched the idea while peering through the mist on a foggy Pittsburgh train platform back in 1902. Standing there, he came to the conclusion that he could dry air by passing it through water to create fog. By doing this, it would make it possible to manufacture air with precise amounts of moisture in it.

From there and less than a year later, Carrier completed his invention to control humidity, the essential building block for modern air conditioning.

When Carrier invented the world’s first functioning air conditioning, it fundamentally altered how people lived

Lesson Learned as a Child

Willis Carrier was destined to figure out one of mankind’s most elusive challenges, which was controlling the indoor environment. When he was young, Willis struggled with the concept of fractions. His mother would instruct young Willis on this idea by cutting whole apples into different sized fractional pieces. Willis would later comment that his mother’s lesson left an indelible impression on him, as it taught him the value of intelligent problem-solving.

Eventually, Willis Carrier became known as the “Father of Air Conditioning,” as his invention led to numerous industries being able to power our U.S. economy. Modern air conditioning made possible the manufacturing of so many things that include baked goods to wartime supplies.

Air conditioning spawned the popularity of movie theaters as people made their way to indoor theaters to seek refuge from the summer heat. Carrier’s monumental invention empowered us to have exact control of the temperature and humidity inside our homes and offices. His invention also enabled shopping malls, transatlantic flight, and the computers and servers that power the Internet.

Introducing Comfort to the World

Willis Carrier discovered shortly after his invention of the air conditioner that climate, comfort, and production requirements would later determine the value of air conditioning. He got to work right away to establish a network of dealers, distributors, and customers throughout the world. He realized enormous success with initial installations in Europe and Asia, as this was a clear signal of air conditioning’s universal appeal and widespread application in countries all over the world.

Continuing Carrier’s Vision

Willis Carrier’s legacy lives on today as the company he founded consistently reinvents the HVAC industry and shapes the world we live in. Carrier is one of the world’s top manufacturers in the HVAC industry with more than 50,000 employees serving customers in 160 countries on six continents.

Carrier leads the industry with energy-efficient products and manufacturing practices. Every day, Carrier brings productivity and comfort to the world through new innovations, and they are all built on energy efficiency and sustainability.

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