Top HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Your HVAC

Sep 19, 2022

hvac installation mistakes

Make Sure you Don’t Do This When Installing a New HVAC System

Does your HVAC sound louder than usual? Are some rooms cooler than others? Is your energy bill getting higher, but you have no idea why? All of these are warning signs that your HVAC system needs help. However, before you roll up your sleeves to rip your unit out, please review these top HVAC installation mistakes to avoid when replacing your HVAC! 

Top HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Skipping a Maintenance Check

One of the easiest HVAC installation mistakes people make is assuming that a replacement is needed when it isn’t. Often, HVAC systems can be easily fixed with a simple maintenance check. It may be a teeny tiny problem that requires a $20 part, but instead, people go all out with a full replacement. So, before you think about replacement, get a maintenance check first. Read our previous blog on repairing vs replacing your HVAC system

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the ductwork

Dirty or damaged ductwork can be a significant component of an HVAC system failure. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a while, get those cleaned out at the same time as your maintenance check to ensure everything is sound before considering a replacement. 


While we caution homeowners to be absolutely sure that they need a replacement before going forward, that doesn’t mean one should procrastinate. If you know you will need to replace your HVAC system in the coming year, we recommend starting to shop now. By building a foundation of knowledge about the industry, unit types, pricing, and installation requirements, you will be ready when it’s time. 

Pro Tip: Don’t Wait Until Failure

Problems rarely go according to plan. Rather than waiting for your HVAC system to fail at an inopportune moment, like a holiday or heat wave, it would be best if you took action to schedule your replacement before failure. You never want to have to beg for an appointment or pay for an expedited service because you were “waiting” for the right time. 

Buying Incorrectly Sized Equipmenthow to avoid these top hvac installation mistakes

When it comes to buying an HVAC system, it is one of the top DIY HVAC installation mistakes. You will need to act like Goldilocks and choose the size that is “just right” for your home. Remember, an HVAC system that is too big will suck more power, but one that is too small will have to work overtime. 

Pro Tip: Ask a Pro

Every home is different, so it can be hard to find a size recommendation online that works exactly right for you. Therefore, hiring a pro to give you sizing and brand recommendations are the way to go. 

Thinking Only About Money

One of home and business owners’ top errors when installing an HVAC system is thinking only about money. When it comes to HVAC systems, you get what you pay for, and cutting corners to save a bit will only end up hurting you in the end. Therefore, it is better to pay for high-quality systems and installation.

Pro Tip: Check for Rebates

Did you know that some local and state governments offer money-back rebates for buyers who purchase higher-efficiency model HVAC systems? If you are looking at a system that is out of your budget range, this may help you get it. So, do your research to see what rebates are available to you. 

Pro Tip: Consider Energy Efficiency & Air Quality

A second pro tip for saving money is to consider energy efficiency and air quality. You want a system that scores well in efficiency ratings AND provides your home with high air quality. While you may pay a little more upfront, you will save more in the long run with reduced energy costs and air-related health problems.  

Forgetting to Compare Estimates

To replace HVAC systems properly, you must first get an estimate. We recommend getting estimates from at least three different installation companies. This will help you determine your budgeting and give you an idea of what services and terms you should expect to see in each contract. 

Pro Tip: Choose the Middle Range

The cheapest or most expensive estimate is rarely the right choice. We recommend going for the middle ground or getting more estimates if the ones you have ranged widely. Additionally, ask around to see what someone with a similar project to yours paid for their service. 

Not Asking Questions

One of the top HVAC installation mistakes to avoid is not asking questions. You never want to walk away from a consultation confused. If you do not understand what the contractor is trying to tell you, ask questions until you figure it out. 

Pro Tip: Learn the Lingo

Contractors live and breathe this industry, so it can be challenging for them to simplify concepts or language into something the average individual will understand. We recommend meeting them in the middle by learning some essential industry vocabulary so you can communicate with installers efficiently. 

Not Hiring a Trusted Company

Lastly, one of the worst mistakes you can make as a home or business owner looking to replace HVAC systems is not hiring a trusted company. We recommend looking at experience, referrals, and credentials before even taking an estimate to ensure they are worth your business. 

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