Why is it Important to Have Annual Furnace Repair and Maintenance?

Dec 1, 2022

There is a reason why furnace manufacturers recommend getting an annual inspection and service on your unit every year. No, it isn’t to make more money; it is because a furnace is a complex system that requires dedicated care to ensure high-quality performance and a respectable lifespan. Curious about what your technician is looking for when they come for an annual furnace maintenance inspection? Here are the top items on their checklist!

Best Reasons for Annual Furnace Maintenance

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Potential Problems Hiding in the HVAC System

As we mentioned, HVAC systems are surprisingly delicate appliances with many moving parts. A single damaged component can send the whole system out of alignment. The last thing a homeowner wants is for the HVAC system to fail in the scorching heat of the summer or the most frigid time in winter. 

When a technician comes to inspect your HVAC system, one of their primary objectives is to check for potential problems. It is always better to catch a problem while it is still small, cheap, and easy to fix rather than waiting until the system breaks and requires a massive, expensive repair. 

During the inspection, your technician the entire unit. However, the most common problems usually come from the filters, wires, and airflow. 

HVAC Filters: 

An easy mistake a homeowner can make is forgetting to check their air filter. Depending on the system size, most air filters need to be changed monthly or quarterly. When the filter gets left ignored, it can result in a heavy build-up of dust, dirt, and allergens. This thick layer of grime on the filter will lead to a poor-performing system and component failures. 

Furnace Wires:

As with any system, wires have the potential to fail. When exposed to moisture, usually accidentally, the wires can corrode. They may also break due to system stress or an external factor. Whatever it is, broken wires will not only cause HVAC system failures, but they pose a severe fire hazard. 

Furnace Air Flow:

The whole point of an HVAC system is to blow either cooler or warmer air throughout the home, but if airflow becomes blocked, it can lead to component or system failure. Airflow problems can stem from various causes, such as a clogged air filter to a blocked vent to grime buildup in the ducts themselves. It can even be as simple as your kiddo moving a toy or plant in front of the vent! 

Safety Concerns that Could Pose a Dangerous Risk

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While we mentioned fire hazards and allergen build-ups above, it is vital to stress that an HVAC system can be highly dangerous if left to work inefficiently. When your technician performs their annual furnace maintenance, they will be able to identify any safety concerns in relation to your system. It could be anything from an internal system failure to how the environment around your interior or exterior systems influences its performance. When health and safety risks are identified, it is always recommended to perform HVAC annual furnace repair immediately

Energy Inefficiency that Could Lead to High Bills

Even if your HVAC system isn’t posing a risk to the health and safety of your home, that doesn’t mean that it automatically runs perfectly. Like any other equipment, HVAC systems experience aging, component failure, grime build-up, and damage over time. When this happens, the energy efficiency of your HVAC system can significantly drop, increasing your energy bills to surprising levels. 

How Often Should You Get HVAC Furnace Repair & Maintenance?

Most manufacturers recommend that home and business owners schedule annual furnace maintenance as well as perform any repairs recommended by the inspecting technician. In doing so, you will negate most of your problems before they become an issue, ensure high energy efficiency, increase your system’s safety, and improve your unit’s lifespan. Such benefits will save you time, money, and heartache; we promise the cost of an annual inspection is a drop in the bucket to facing major unexpected repairs.  

Start Your Routine HVAC Maintenance with Apollo Heating & Air

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Our service department is ready and available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide factory-trained and certified HVAC technicians for troubleshooting, diagnostics, maintenance, repair, or replacement of HVAC equipment and systems. We service ResidentialCommercial, and Industrial customers in the Tri-Cities region. 

To ensure that you never forget to call for your annual inspection, we recommend signing up for our Schedule Panned Service Agreement. 

Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to providing quality HVAC service, maintenance, products, and documentation. Our annual furnace maintenance inspection includes the following:

  • Electrical Connections and Wiring 
  • Check Heating and Cooling Operation
  • Check Freon Levels
  • Inspect Mechanical Connections
  • Check Thermostat Operation
  • Inspect Bearings (if applicable)
  • Inspect and Clean Indoor Coil
  • Oil Motors (if applicable)

For more information on our services, please review our Annual Furnace Repair and Maintenance options, or feel free to complete our contact form at any time.