Why Is There a Strange Noise Coming from My Furnace?

Jan 9, 2023

Furnaces are one of the most significant monetary investments a homeowner makes. HVAC units are essential to keep your family comfortable and maintain habitable temperatures throughout every season. However, heating systems are one appliance that often gets neglected. It is easy to forget to do yearly HVAC maintenance or ignore minor problems until they become more significant malfunctions. 

When your machine makes odd sounds, it sends every responsible homeowner into stress mode. If you have found yourself Googling “strange noise coming from furnace,” this article is for you! Read on to find out what some of these sounds mean and when it is time to call in professional repair services. 

Why Is My Furnace Humming? 

If you have started to notice a humming sound coming from your furnace, don’t worry. A humming furnace is a happy HVAC! The hum of a motor or fan blowing sends air soaring through your vents. This sound is entirely normal and expected from any furnace. If you hear a loud humming sound in wintertime, this could be the furnace burner light working during cold temperatures. So, if you notice a humming noise from the furnace, never fear! 

strange noise coming from my HVAC system what to do

Why Is There a Screeching from The Furnace?

A screeching furnace is the opposite of a humming furnace. Whereas humming signals a happy, healthy motor, screeching noises are usually the result of a motor problem. This also could be the sound of a faulty or loose bearing somewhere in the engine. If you experience this noise, it would be smart to call a local HVAC repair company to check out the system. 

What Does a Banging Noise from My Furnace Mean?

If your furnace is making a banging noise, this is not only irritating but can be the sound of a cracked belt. If your furnace is making a sound similar to tennis shoes in a washing machine, it is time to call a professional for help. Your HVAC belt will likely need replacement. Alternatively, it could mean something is unbalanced, like a blower wheel, which would also need the attention of a heating and cooling pro.

Why Is My Furnace Rattling? 

Rattling furnace noises can mean multiple things. It could be an entirely typical sound of the unit shutting off and the metal parts cooling in temperature. If you hear a rattling noise from the furnace when it is starting up, it might be a motor bearing going out. 

Unfortunately, a rattling furnace could also mean more severe problems. Rattling can indicate parts are out of alignment, such as the blower. It could also mean there is a motor malfunction. Although rattling can be good or bad, only a professional can know with certainty. 

What Does a Whining Furnace Mean?

A whining or whistling furnace can be one of the most irritating noises to hear around the house when you are trying to sleep, work, or relax. Despite whistling being a happy sound for humans, this is not a normal noise for a furnace. It could mean a condenser refrigerant leak or some other internal pressure build-up. If you hear this sound, it is time to call the heating and cooling service company. why is there banging sounds coming from my furnace

Why Does My Furnace Make a Popping Noise?

Are you hearing popping noises from the furnace? Popping sounds usually aren’t too much to worry about – they are normal operational sounds of your HVAC. Popping furnace noises happen as your unit starts and stops. When it pumps heated air through the ductwork, the metal responds by popping into the negative air pressure of the heated air and popping outwards when the pressure releases when the unit turns off. Don’t worry about these sounds – take them as a sign of an effective system!

Why Is My Furnace Crackling? 

Furnace crackling is similar to a popping furnace sound. Crackling sounds are likely the cooling of your ductwork or the furnace itself after the hot air stops blowing as the unit’s temperature changes.

Is My Furnace Hissing at Me? 

Think of the hissing sound a balloon makes when you slowly let the air out. When you hear a hissing sound from your furnace, something similar is probably happening – this is usually the sign of a leak. This could be a leak from an improperly installed filter or an incorrect filter size. It is also possible that there is a leak in your ducts. Before calling a professional, try opening up the vents around your house to see if it alleviates the hissing noise. 

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When To Call in The HVAC Repair Professionals

If you are still befuddled by a potential strange noise coming from the furnace, it is time to contact a heating and cooling professional to check your unit. Strange sounds mean your system likely needs maintenance. As one of the most expensive systems in your home, it is always wise to call an expert instead of attempting a DIY fix. Even if your problem turns out to be a regular furnace noise, these systems still require yearly maintenance. Your service technician can kill two birds with one stone by performing an annual inspection during his visit. Yearly servicing helps keep your furnace happy, healthy, and on its way to a longer lifespan!

How Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning Can Help

Are you in the Tri-Cities, Washington area and still Googling “strange noises coming from furnace”? Give yourself a break, and call Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning! We use our years of professional experience in HVAC installation and maintenance to quickly solve your issues and diagnose problems with your heating and cooling system. If you require furnace maintenance or are curious about the noises coming from your unit, we are here to help! 

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